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Body By Nicole is a business run by Nicole Rothe, a Certified Personal Trainer an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Nicole's philosophy and attitude can best be described as the Pink Mamba, a homage to the late Kobe Bryant.

Pink Mamba is your work ethic. It's dedication and sacrifice. It's becoming the best of the best. That drive that burns inside of you, fueling your inner passion. It's acknowledging your weaknesses and learning to overcome them and work with them. It's using all this to show the world your best self through your health, your body image, and your wellness.

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Body By Nicole

Nicole provides individual personal training with a commitment to health & well-being. She is passionate and empathetic toward personal struggles in achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. Through education in exercise and nutrition, she can tailor a routine to help any client achieve their goals and surpass them.

With over 13 years of experience as a certified trainer and a background in physical therapy and nutrition, Nicole has the client's best interest at heart. After an initial meeting to discuss medical history, time frame, and commitment level, she will diligently work with any client to see results.

Areas Nicole specializes in include Bridal Bootcamp, Pre/Post Natal, Post Rehab for injuries, Weight Loss, Strength Training, and Nutrition. With time, effort, and consistency, you will see the benefits that Nicole can provide!

Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Nicole has been an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for over 15 years.  She loves what the company stands for, Enriching Women's Lives!  Her goal is that she can help everyone not only feel good about their body but also show off that confidence with the use of Mary Kay products!

Don't currently have a consultant?  Use our contact form here to touch base with Nicole about how to become a client!

Nicole Rothe

Owner of Body By Nicole
Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

I knew by 8th grade I wanted to be a Physical Therapist and geared my entire High School curriculum around what I'd need to get into college.

I have always been very driven and determined. If I set my mind on it, I achieved it.  The dream car I wanted? Got it.  Personal goals? Done and onto new ones. 

Then over 7 years ago I was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left me having to relearn to walk, talk, and do daily everyday activities. I had to take drugs to keep me alive as well as ease the pain I was experiencing.  In the interim, I gained an excess of 75 lbs.

Not being able to workout left me depressed, frustrated, frightened and I had all but given up hope of ever seeing myself as I once was. I forgot all about the training and well-being I once educated countless others in and was slowly losing myself. It took 7 long years to finally get medical clearance to be allowed to exercise again.

My personal experience has allowed me to be ever-more understanding and empathetic toward my clients and their personal struggles in achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. I'm proud to say that in just over 5 months I lost most of the weight. I am stronger and was able to get off of all the drugs that had become a crutch to me for so long.

What had once come easy to me as far as exercise and a healthy lifestyle has now become a challenge. I share my story in hopes it serves to help and inspire others.  I'm a firm believer that with time, effort, and consistency that anyone can achieve the results you desire.